Georg Ahnert

PhD Student, University of Mannheim

ahnert [at]

Hi, I'm Georg!

I‘m a first year PhD student at the Chair for Data Science in the Economic and Social Sciences at University of Mannheim under the supervision of Markus Strohmaier. I previously obtained a M.Sc. (with distinction) in Computational Social Systems from RWTH Aachen University. I am passionate about computational social science, natural language processing, and fairness in machine learning. Currently, I‘m thinking about how to use large language models in survey research.


  • Britain's Mood, Entailed Weekly: In Silico Longitudinal Surveys with Fine-Tuned Large Language Models.
    Georg Ahnert, Max Pellert, David Garcia, & Markus Strohmaier (work in progress).
    » abstract at WebSci'24 » poster at IC2S2‘24
  • Fair Pairs: Fairness-Aware Ranking Recovery from Pairwise Comparisons.
    Georg Ahnert, Antonio Ferrara, & Claudia Wagner (forthcoming).
    » code
  • Identifying Themes of Right-Wing Extremism in Hindutva Discourse on Twitter.
    Piyush Ghasiya, Georg Ahnert, & Kazutoshi Sasahara (2023). Social Media + Society, 9(3)
    » paper » data » poster at IC2S2‘23 » covered on Newsweek Japan
  • FairCeptron: Framework for Measuring Human Perceptions of Algorithmic Fairness.
    Georg Ahnert, Ivan Smirnov, Florian Lemmerich, Claudia Wagner, & Markus Strohmaier (2021). In Adjunct Proceedings of the 29th ACM Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization (pp. 401-403).
    » paper » code » article on


  • Computations Social Systems, M.Sc. (with distinction)
    RWTH Aachen University, 2020–2023
    Master's thesis on Fairness-Aware Ranking Recovery from Pairwise Comparisons
    Winner of the GOR'24 Thesis Award
  • Student Assistant at the Department for Computational Social Science
    GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, 2023
  • Research Internship at the Computational Social Science Lab
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2022
  • Computer Science, B.Sc. (with distinction)
    RWTH Aachen University, 2017–2020
    Bachelor's thesis on Human Perceptions of Algorithmic Fairness


  • Introduction to Scientific Programming with Python
    2h lecture + 2h exercise, since winter semester 2023 
    » course webpage
  • Master's Theses Supervision (ongoing)


  • Values to Country, a webapp that lets users find the country closest to their personal values built upon data from the World Value Survey 
    » try it yourself » code
  • GESIS WebBot, a browser plugin that automates data retrieval from various search engines for the department for Computational Social Science at GESIS 
    » code and documentation
  • Vogelnest, a user management webapp with LDAP integration for the student's initiative Studies Without Borders 
    » code